6. Talee Unleashed

Lisa’s first self imposed tattoo deadline is coming up. Will she make it happen?

Talee talks about going to school for psychology, how she got started in yoga & discusses coming from having suicidal thoughts to where she is now! Also she sings an original song inspired by her baptism.

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Music: "Let Me In" by Ryan Kirkland

5. Nicole Rowan Up In This Space

Nicole Rowan, co-paster of Presence OC joins Lisa & Talee on Grace Space. She shares how she got into ministry, what she likes most about it, why she's passionate about women living up to their calling and how she came about writing Kingdom Daughters. They also dig into the historical context of a couple of "clobber" bible passages typically used to prevent women from leadership positions to see if something more is going on.

Check out Nicole at nicolerowan.com presenceoc.org @nicolelynnrowan Get her book Kingdom Daughters here

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4. Joseph the Firestarter

From potential firefighter to special needs therapist to healer. Joseph has been on a fascinating journey. 

Joseph Powell leads us down the path of his life and how he got to his revelation of the Spirit of God. Lisa, Talee, and Joseph briefly explore the infinite measure that is God's Spirit and how it unifies all creation. Stayed tuned. There's a good chance we'll be hearing from Joseph again soon.

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Music:"Let Me In" by Ryan Kirkland from the album "Wanderer"

3. Tattoos That Tell a Story

Time to get to know your hosts...through body art!

Lisa shares why butterflies are important to her, how they're connected to tragedy in her life, and why she's considering getting a tattoo to show it. Talee has several tattoos and shares how each one represents an important part of her life. She also sings a song she wrote when she was homeless.

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Music by Ryan Kirkland "Let Me In" & "Awake" From his album, "Wanderer"

2. How To Help Refugees

Bob Campbell recently journeyed to Europe to gain first hand knowledge of the refugee situation. He talks to Lisa & Talee of biking across Spain to raise funds for the refugees, shares some personal interactions he had with refugees, and offers some practical ways in which we all can get involved to help.

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